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  • Fine Art

    When I create fine art it is based on many factors: My feelings, emotions, attitudes, and self awareness. Such feelings as happiness, gratitude, and love or emotions like passion, pain, hate, and anger, or such attitudes as protection, remembrance, and gratitude all contribute to the final art product. I choose media and materials based on my self awareness in the moment around me. Having expertise in more than one art style allows you to better create messages that evoke feelings and paintings that reflect your inner intentions to the viewer. Art is our true legacy in creating engagement and delivering our messages.

  • Photography

    When I capture a photograph, it’s not simply because I was there. It is that magnificent moment when life is captured and documented in time. A fossil like imprint that allows others to experience the reality you grabbed in real-time. From nature, history, family, fashion, life, culture, etc., photography pushes our search to capture compelling and memorable images. Modern technology now allows for amazing perfection with the help of  digital media and dynamic studio creations. Photography captures moments for sharing to the world our legacy.

The Butterfly Kingdom Illustrations

Artist Michael Danielson created the story and twelve butterfly characters to help those who read this book find the peace, tranquility, strength, and love offered in this world today. See the Queen of the kingdom shown above and visit the butterfly kingdom…

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Become a World-Famous Artist

The Best Way to Become a World-Famous Artist – Create Paintings that are Recognized as a New Category of Art. EXAMPLES: Impressionism: Claude Monet. Pointillism: Georges-Pierre Seurat. Expressionism: Vincent Van Gogh. Cloisonnism: Paul Gaugin. Naїve painting: Henri Rousseau. Fauvism: Henri Matisse. Cubism: Pablo Picasso. Neo-Plasticism: Piet Mondrian. Suprematism: Kazimir Malevich. Surrealism: Salvador Dali. Abstract Expressionism:…

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Dream Big! Imagine Anything!. Imagination is a powerful resource. It allows us to envision where our lives may take us, places to visit, and places unknown. Imagination is where we ‘shoot for the stars’ and imagine a life where your dreams come true.

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Michael Danielson – What are you thinking?

When I was in first grade I wanted to be an Artist. At grade school my classmates hovered over my desktop and were amazed by my drawings. It was at that moment I realized that I possessed a talent, my confidence grew, my ego became strong, and soon I knew that art and creativity were to…

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Portraits – From a Sketch to Reality

Successful Portraits. “Drawing reality takes patience and some form of divine intervention.”
(Move the circle slider in the middle of the image either ‘right or left’ to reveal the ‘before and after’ of these portraits)

Drawing reality takes years of education and perfection.

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The Act of Creation – Abstract Art

The Act of Creation – How I Create Abstract Art

When creating Abstract Art I begin to allow my hand to move swiftly with the media I have chosen. My hand moves with energy guided by my mood, thoughts, and how I am feeling inside. There never seems to be a specific image I am trying to capture, but rather an excitement in the surprise of what these movement begin to reveal.

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The Inspiration to Create – Trips & Spaces

In the “Historic Summit Atelier” many great pieces of art have been created. There does not seem to be a specific place where my artwork begins or ends. Sometimes I find myself being disciplined and draw at my hand crafted European drawing table. Other times I am lying on the couch in front of the fireplace, on the porch listening to birds,

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‘Child Rainbow Handprint’ – A Hands On Approach

Hands On Approach – A Childlike Experience.

As an Artist it takes many creations before you find the mediums you like. I have been impressed by many artists and have experience in: pen & ink, pencil, colored pencils, crayons, pastels, charcoal, markers, paints – watercolor & oil, collage assemblage, and most recently glitter with my butterfly art.

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“The Butterfly Kingdom” – Limited Edition Book

The Butterfly Kingdom – One of the World’s Most Amazing Places. 

Take this magical journey and enter into the hearts and minds of the many characters of this spiritual kingdom. This is a beautiful sixty page full color book with detailed illustrations, digitally enhanced butterfly photographs, and a passionate story of the kingdom.

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Impressions In Life – Unique People

Impressions in Life – Unique People you Meet Who Touched Your Life. 

All of us have met people in our lives who have left an impression in our heart and souls. These people become influencers, teachers, and acquaintances we never forget and they have left inspiring memories in our lifetime.

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Artistic Skills – A Gift from God.

Artistic Skills are a Gift from God, Use these Powers Endlessly Everyday.

As a child I was brought up with a Christian belief always asking, “how can I become better each day?” I wasn’t any Angel but life’s lessons have given me a true road out of unhappiness. On this new path I explore my mind, heart, and soul, and begin to figure out who i am and what my purpose in life is.

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Dreams, Ideas & Reality – Believe.

Dreams, Ideas & Reality – Believe!

When I was young I dreamed of being creative. It was in second grade when I wrote a paper on becoming an artist and owning an advertising agency. Well these dreams came true. I love art and design and am obsessed with it. There are many times I draw and paint into the waking of the mornings sun.

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Atelier – A Master Artists Studio

Atelier – A  Master Artists Studio | The Brand & Our Mission

When defining the “Atelier” mission and vision, I was brought back to my early memories of a European school I attended called Atelier Lach Studios. I was in my high school years and would go to this studio with my Aunt Carol  in the evenings to learn how to draw reality.

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Historic Summit Atelier – Stained Glass Window

Historic Summit Atelier – Stained Glass Windows Etched & Designed by J.G Vysekal.  

One of the main focal points of the historic studio home is the large stain glass window anchoring the main stairwell wall. This amazing window of the building allows rays of the evening sun to cast and settle their shadows throughout the home.

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Historic Summit Atelier – A Peaceful Place to Create

Historic Summit Atelier – A Peaceful and Spiritual Place to Live & Create

Living in this historic 1906 mansion has it’s strengths. A historic structure, solid foundation, and strong history built in the style of Medieval Rectilinear architecture.

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Albrecht Durer – A True Master Artist

Artist Showcase – Albrecht Durer – A True Master, One of My Artistic Idles. 

Albrecht Dürer (21 May 1471 – 6 April 1528) was a painter, printmaker, and theorist of the German Renaissance. Born in Nuremberg, Dürer established his reputation and influence across Europe when he was still in his twenties due to his high-quality woodcut prints.

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