“The Butterfly Kingdom” – Limited Edition Book


Order you book today and begin this incredible journey. A percentage of all book profits go to the butterfly sanctuary reserves of Michoacan in Mexico City, Mexico. These sacred sanctuaries are essential for the survival and future existence of the Monarch butterfly species.

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“The Butterfly Kingdom” – One of the World’s Most Amazing Places. 

Take this magical journey and enter into the hearts and minds of the many characters of this spiritual kingdom. This is a beautiful sixty page full color book with detailed illustrations, digitally enhanced butterfly photographs, and a passionate story of the kingdom. All twelve characters of the butterfly kingdom were drawn by hand in pen & ink and custom digitally colored. These unique characters ask for our help in their survival and reach out to show us the hidden discoveries of their kingdom and our beautiful environment.

I was reading a passage from my diary back on September of 2014 and saw the beginning script I was writing for this book. I counted on my fingers to 2018 and realized I have been sitting on this story almost four years. The inspiration for this book came from a movie on the ‘Migration of the Monarch butterfly I saw with my family and a butterfly drawing my daughter brought home from art college. It was a combination of these events and many other amazing coincidences that propelled me to imagine, create, draw, and write this unique once-upon-a-time story book.

This book is great for families, children, couples, individuals, and classic book enthusiasts. The Butterfly Kingdom book has many other branded materials and novelty items. To include: Limited addition prints, envelopes & cards, large format coloring books, and special prints for glitter designs. The brand also has their own line of crayons, markers, paints, brushes, and glitter packets for endless fun. All coloring book packages come with Zinia and Milkweed seeds for initiating the planting of butterfly gardens. These brand products provide instant creativity and lasting family fun for people of all ages. One thing is for sure, you will never be the same once you visit ‘The Butterfly Kingdom.”