Artist: Michael Roy Danielson

“Art inspires people, it moves the spirit, improves lives, and touches souls”

What cannot be said in words or expressed in thought is brought to light in art. Creativity is “a freely given superabundance, of the human being’s inner riches” In a way that closely approximates God’s creations. What is it that makes an artist soul come alive? It’s Inspiration, passion, and emotion that ignites a valid form to something new, a previously unseen aspect of reality. Art is not an end, it is the beginning.

Creativity & Imagination

Many artists have one style. When studying art I came across master artists who inspired me to learn their techniques and media. I implemented their styles or a combination of them into my art based on the message, mood, or feeling I am expressing. These talents ignite the energy that lives in my Soul and guides my eyes and hands, when creating new marks and movements on a blank tabla rasa.

A Spark that Ignites Creative Creations

Art starts with a clean blank slate. Creativity comes from fearless explorations that ignite great art drawing upon knowledge, experiences, perceptions, and memories from the life you live. I believe our mind is born with possessions of archetypes, a knowledge handed down from our past of pure mental forms, a type of DNA that was imprinted in the Soul before it was born into life. Artists acknowledge this as an innate power of “reflection” the awareness of one’s sensations, emotions, and feelings as a means of exploiting the lasting art they create.

A Life Legacy Through Fine Art

The most important factor of my art life is to leave behind creations that inspire and offer viewers the secrets that open their souls. I choose to create art that inspires people, makes them happy, and lifts them up. We can sit passive and do nothing, or we can live every moment and document life’s wonders and our best impressions. Sharing my art to others gives me great satisfaction and when they smile or a tear appears I have touched their Soul. I focus on inspiration, happiness, struggle, and faith and present these moments to others through my art.

A Lens is the Eyes to Our Soul

I start my movement with an empty lens, looking until my eye seizes the moment. I search in patient silence for that amazing photograph, waiting for that moment in time when life presents the perfect shot. Perseverance or a sense of luck? It’s a determined talent of being available for that once in a lifetime image to show itself to you. A moment you click the shutter and you realize that you have captured a special moment in time.

Powerful & Evoking Photography

Photography evokes feelings, tells a story, and has the power to change ones life. It is the walk in silence with my camera where I begin to see the gifts and wonders all around me. Sometimes it is just one photograph that inspires me, or a subject that allows me to capture its beauties and hidden discoveries. Amazing images wait for us to come to them and capture what our eyes sees. Many time I find myself lying on my back, looking deep into the subject matter that caught my eye, and capturing a photo that  brings me such satisfaction.

A Life Through Photography

A 35mm digital camera with many lenses, an iPhone for easy access, my Grandpa’s old Polaroid, or a store bought box camera, all have the ability to capture that memorable or once in lifetime shot. It gives me great satisfaction to know that my family, friends and others will look at my photos now and into the future and relive and remember special moments and reflect in thought. A picture can bring back a moment in time and one photo can touch ones life forever. It is through photography I realize that my efforts are done in pure joy and excitement. Many times the camera is just there for me to document my special moments and share with others.


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