Become a World-Famous Artist

The Best Way to Become a World-Famous Artist – Create Paintings that are Recognized as a New Category of Art. EXAMPLES: Impressionism: Claude Monet. Pointillism: Georges-Pierre Seurat. Expressionism: Vincent Van Gogh. Cloisonnism: Paul Gaugin. Naїve painting: Henri Rousseau. Fauvism: Henri Matisse. Cubism: Pablo Picasso. Neo-Plasticism: Piet Mondrian. Suprematism: Kazimir Malevich. Surrealism: Salvador Dali. Abstract Expressionism:…


Dream Big! Imagine Anything!. Imagination is a powerful resource. It allows us to envision where our lives may take us, places to visit, and places unknown. Imagination is where we ‘shoot for the stars’ and imagine a life where your dreams come true.