What cannot be said in words or expressed in thought is brought to light in art. It is “a freely given superabundance of the human being’s inner riches” In a way that closely approximates God’s creativity. Inspiration, passion, human skill and love are combined in the artist so as to give a valid form to something new, a previously unseen aspect of reality. Art is not an end, it is the beginning.


at·el·ier   pronounced ˌatlˈyā/

1. a workshop, creative studio, one used by  master artists or designers.

The New York City Atelier is an Inspiration of Master Artist Michael R. Danielson.

This studio is connected to artists, designers and businesses who share the same artistic visions in this dynamic city. The compelling studio space is filled with creative energy and is where the Artists daughters Alexandra & Julianna Danielson manage the Atelier brand and set up art and gallery showings.

Atelier is the French word for “workshop”, and in English is used principally for the studio of an artist in the Finearts or decorative arts, where a principal master and a number of assistants, students and apprentices worked together producing brilliant pieces that went out in the master’s name. The New York City Atelier is one of the cities local and virtual art studios. The Atelier is considered a superior method of training young artists into the art and design field. The current “Atelier method” is a form of fine art instruction modeled after the historic private art studios of Europe.

Michael established three Atelier’s: Historic Summit Atelier™ in Saint Paul where he resides, the New York City Atelier where he visits his daughters, and a studio in South Beach Florida. The mission of the NYC Atelier is to connect with the art culture and produce and sell authentic drawings, paintings, collages and photographs influenced by this Midwest artist. Master artist Michael R. Danielson is a professional creative director, entrepreneur, teacher, painter and sculptor who works with artists, clients and businesses in the community to present the highest principles of art and design today. The New York City Atelier offers him creative exhibits, commissioned artwork, and exclusive social events were art is presented and sold to customers, clients, and galleries around the city. Contact us today! Believe.